Our Story

In 1976, RISIS was born. A young Singaporean scientist discovered a way to encapsulate natural orchids in gold. Working with craftsmen to perfect the technique, the delicate golden flowers became symbols of the dizzying heights that the new nation was capable of.

Since then, RISIS has worn its humble origins as a badge of honour; directing the talents of her artist and craftsmen to produce collections of jewellery, scrulpture and lifestyle artifacts that sing to the different facets of Singaporean culture.

uality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. For over 40 years, we have sparked the imagination through our artistic process, bringing dreams to life with classic engineering and talented hands. The truly unique part of the story is that we do almost every step of the process in-house, including manufacturing in our very own factory. This allows us an unprecedented amount of freedom and control over quality.


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