Seductive Orchid Slider Necklace



A brilliant marriage between the good ol’ classics and modern beauty, Seductive Orchid pays homage to RISIS’ roots by taking our signature Gold orchid and giving it a new spin. Delicately plated in rose Gold, this collection sees these natural orchids being transformed into chic jewellery pieces.

Product information: 
Natural Vanda Limbata orchid Encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold

Chain Length: 1000 mm
Length: 35 mm
Width: 35 mm

A quick tip to care for jewellery would be to wipe your jewellery with a lint free cloth after use.

For decor and lifestyle products would be to ensure that the pieces are placed in a cool, dry place & clean with a lint free cloth regularly.

Please keep this book & receipt, producing both should you require any help from us in the future.

RISIS products are plated in 24-carat Gold, Rhodium, or other precious metals unique to RISIS.

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Our decor and Lifestyle work will also be covered for any manufacturing defect for three years from when you bought it. Since the collection is so varied, a general tip would be to ensure that the pieces are placed in a cool, dry place & cleaned with a gentle cloth regularly.

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